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    Liqueured Up

    Image from The Foodinista

    A g&t or Dark & Stormy will always do the trick, but summer is a great time to pull out some classic liqueurs and introduce a few less-played, and very refreshing, staples into your drink rotation.

    The perfect picnic drink: Aperol Fizz

    2.5 oz. Aperol
    2 oz. prosecco
    splash tonic water

    The Dark & Stormy substitute: Campari & Ale

    3 oz. Campari
    6 oz. Ginger Ale

    The gin & tonic substitute: French Gimlet

    2 oz. gin
    1.5 oz. St. Germain
    splash lemon juice


    Boston Proper

    I hit Boston this weekend with some friends. Prior to this trip, the majority of my time in the Boston area had been spent in Cambridge (with the occasional trip to Newbury Street). Cambridge is a great town on it’s own, but it was nice to dig deep into Boston and really get a taste of the city.

    If you’re looking for good Seafood in Boston (and why wouldn’t you be?), look no further than Neptune Oyster. Located in Boston’s North End, this quaint spot hits the mark on every detail. The lobster roll came highly recommended (for good reason). I went hot with butter.

    Bobby’s from Boston is probably the best vintage store I’ve ever been to. Amazing men’s clothing and accessories from all eras…and at can’t miss prices. I need to plan another trip and dedicate it entirely to this store.

    Craft cocktail bars continue to be the hot trend in drinking culture. Drink is Boston’s best offering. No menu, just tell the bartender what you’re looking for and they’ll craft something specific to your wants and desires. It was a hot day, but I whisky…they worked based off those two points and served me what was probably the best cocktail I’ve ever had.

    The bar snacks are pretty killer too.

    Ball & Buck is a new shop on high-end Newbury St. It’s a refreshing and relevant break from the designer and chain stores prominent of the block. Stacked high with Bill’s Khakis, Gitman shirting and other brands of that ilk, Ball & Buck only stocks brands that are made in America.

    They also operate a one chair barber shop in the back.


    Churchkey | Retro Cans

    Apparently Vince isn’t an ultra-premium tequila guy after all. Adrian Grenier, of Entourage fame, recently co-founded a new beer brand called Churchkey, named after the retro can opener required to open the flat-top cans. Before the invention and acceptance of the pull-tab, this is how all cans were opened. An opener is included with all six-packs of Churchkey.

    It looks like PBR just lost the hipster beer award.


    The Suit

    “Since the time it was introduced in the seventeenth century, the modern suit has been about two things: power and sex. If you doubt us, try this simple experiment. Some evening, go to a nice hotel bar where you don’t know anyone, wearing jeans and a t-shirt. The jeans don’t even have to have holes in them, and the t-shirt can be clean. Now, return to the same bar the next evening wearing a nice suit. Take note of the difference in reaction from the bartender and of the other patrons in the bar. Remember them.” - Esquire Style Handbook


    “It’s good to not have plans”- Valentino (my barber)


    Dapper Decorum | The Do’s & Dont’s of Style

    No. 42: There is nothing more amateur than drinking green beer on St. Patrick’s Day; Grab a Guinness or sip some Jameson kids.


    T Minus Ten | Mad Men Is Back

    This highly anticipated fifth season of Mad Men is just ten days away. Enjoy the teaser below before Don and the gang return in full (and very dapper) force.


    Easy Upgrade | Bottles

    In many cases, it’s very easy and inexpensive to make an aesthetic upgrade. In addition to serving as great water bottles for the dinner table, these air tight bottles look much better on your bar for storing mixers like soda, tonic and juice. Pick them up on the cheap at Crate & Barrel.


    King & Grove Hotels

    As the warmer months near (sort of) I find myself starting to plan weekend trips to escape the concrete jungle. I recently stumbled upon a hotel group called King & Grove, which operates two (i hesitate to say “boutique”) hotels in Montauk, Ruschmeyer’s and the Surf Lodge…As well as one in Miami, Tide’s South Beach. With projects currently underway in Brooklyn and Manhattan, they might just be the coolest lodging operation going.


    Heritage Whiskey | Branding Project

    Heritage Whiskey is a branding project by Katelyn Peissig, a Graphic Design major at the University 0f Wisconsin-Stout. I love the look of the this bottle and would surely buy it if it we’re on the shelf.

    Like the previously featured Proper BBQ and Cavalier Essentials, it goes to show the quality of work coming from students…Which begs the question, why is there so much bad packaging out there!?


    “Too much of anything is bad, but too much of good whiskey is barely enough.” – Mark Twain


    Rise of the Public House

    As most of you probably already know, the word “Pub” (as in bar), comes from the term Public House. In short, public houses we’re 19th century drinking establishments and restaurants, most of which also offered a small amount lodging upstairs for travelers (a beer and a bed…pretty much all a guy needs.)

    With the opening of Longman & Eagle in Chicago, The Grazing Goat in London and Honor & Folly in Detroit, this concept has been experiencing a bit of a renaissance lately…with modern updates, of course.

    The Grazing Goat (London)

    Longman & Eagle (Chicago)

    Honor & Folly (Detroit)

    * While Honor & Folly does not operate it’s own bar, it is located above The Sugar House, a craft cocktail bar.