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    Brown bagging it.


    Check Yourself

    I believe trends are reserved for womenswear. I think what happens every season in menswear is best described as “realizations”. Like the moment when men realized tailored suits look better than big baggy ones; or recently when men realized that double-breasted jackets look cool when worn correctly.

    The new realization is that check sport coats are bad ass. Everybody from Zegna to Zara is offering them in weights appropriate for both summer and winter. However, they never really went away…guys simply realized that they should start buying them again.


    Code Red

    I’m not sure what all the “experts” are saying…but I’m focusing on red as my wardrobe pop color this season.


    Boston Proper

    I hit Boston this weekend with some friends. Prior to this trip, the majority of my time in the Boston area had been spent in Cambridge (with the occasional trip to Newbury Street). Cambridge is a great town on it’s own, but it was nice to dig deep into Boston and really get a taste of the city.

    If you’re looking for good Seafood in Boston (and why wouldn’t you be?), look no further than Neptune Oyster. Located in Boston’s North End, this quaint spot hits the mark on every detail. The lobster roll came highly recommended (for good reason). I went hot with butter.

    Bobby’s from Boston is probably the best vintage store I’ve ever been to. Amazing men’s clothing and accessories from all eras…and at can’t miss prices. I need to plan another trip and dedicate it entirely to this store.

    Craft cocktail bars continue to be the hot trend in drinking culture. Drink is Boston’s best offering. No menu, just tell the bartender what you’re looking for and they’ll craft something specific to your wants and desires. It was a hot day, but I whisky…they worked based off those two points and served me what was probably the best cocktail I’ve ever had.

    The bar snacks are pretty killer too.

    Ball & Buck is a new shop on high-end Newbury St. It’s a refreshing and relevant break from the designer and chain stores prominent of the block. Stacked high with Bill’s Khakis, Gitman shirting and other brands of that ilk, Ball & Buck only stocks brands that are made in America.

    They also operate a one chair barber shop in the back.




    Mad About Plaid

    Mad Men has set many style trends over the years; The slim charcoal suit, thick framed glasses, the side part, and now…plaid jackets. At least one has appeared in every episode so far this season, and they took it to a whole new level this past Sunday (see above).

    Certainly plaid jackets could be found prior to Mad Men (as could a slim charcoal suit, thick framed glasses and side parts), however, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of these this spring and summer based solely on their new staring role.

    Keep in mind that this is advanced style. If you plan on experimenting yourself, make sure it’s in a modern cut, and unless you work in a creative field…save it for the weekend.


    The Suit

    “Since the time it was introduced in the seventeenth century, the modern suit has been about two things: power and sex. If you doubt us, try this simple experiment. Some evening, go to a nice hotel bar where you don’t know anyone, wearing jeans and a t-shirt. The jeans don’t even have to have holes in them, and the t-shirt can be clean. Now, return to the same bar the next evening wearing a nice suit. Take note of the difference in reaction from the bartender and of the other patrons in the bar. Remember them.” - Esquire Style Handbook


    “It’s good to not have plans”- Valentino (my barber)


    T Minus Ten | Mad Men Is Back

    This highly anticipated fifth season of Mad Men is just ten days away. Enjoy the teaser below before Don and the gang return in full (and very dapper) force.


    The Ludlow Shop | J.Crew

    I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again…Men’s fashion “trends” are moving into a more dressed up direction. No wardrobe is complete without a selection of well-tailored staples, and with the opening of J.Crew’s new Ludlow Shop in NYC, these items have never been easier to find. The Ludlow suit, J.Crew’s slimmer, more modern cut, takes center stage at their new shop on Hudson St. in Tribeca. While the entire store revolves around one suit model, there is sill plenty to choose from. The suit is currently offered in nineteen different versions and the store is well stocked with a carefully curated selection of complimentary items like Thomas Mason shirts, Crockett & Jones shoes and Drake’s pocket squares.


    Ovadia & Sons

    The dust has officially settled on New York Fashion Week, and Ovadia & Sons is the cleanest one of the bunch. Men’s fashion is heading in a more tailored, dressed-up direction, and Ovadia & Sons has nailed it with their most recent collection.

    Check out their full F/W 12 collection here.