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    Gear Up: Polar Vortex


    Canada Goose

    If you live basically anywhere in the US, it’s been a brutal winter…and there’s no sign of it slowing up. Pea coats and traditional top coats are nice, but they don’t stand a chance against this polar vortex. Consider investing in a jacket with a little more muscle to get through the rest of the season…your ski jacket with three year old lift tickets hooked on the zipper won’t cut it either.










    Dapper Dispatch | Best Retail Projects of 2013


    As the new year begins, let’s take a look back at some of the best retail projects of 2013. There were several great brick & mortars (and one bus) that launched in 2013…hopefully a sign of more great shops to come in 2014.

    Todd Snyder X Champion: City Gym

    Harry’s: The Corner Shop

    Shinola: Detroit Store

    Warby Parker: Class Trip

    Monocle Café: London


    Dapper Dunkers | NBA Style


    The NBA has several problems…style isn’t one of them anymore.

    Remember old NBA style? Six-button suits…not a good look, bro. While the golden era of the NBA (Jordan, Magic and Bird) may be long gone, the new core of stars tops those legends on off-court style. I don’t know when or how it happened, but it seems like the new era of NBA players are spending more time at the tailor shop than the ti!ty bar…probably a good PR move.

    NBA: Finals-Miami Heat at Oklahoma City Thunder




    Spotted & Tied


    Spotted & Tied, a new line of neckwear was, like many companies, born out of necessity. Founder, Amir Nobakht conceptualized the idea while in medical school. Requirements to wear a tie a few days per week in the hospital and a lack of finding something that fit his personality led him to the idea of designing a line of what he describes as “Fun and youthful ties that can also be worn in a professional setting”. The first run of ties feature the brands signature giraffe logo, chosen because giraffes can be associated with elegance and mischief, as well as other patterns such as dots, stars and solid knits. Look for a variety of fabrics and new patterns in their upcoming lines.

    Check out Spotted & Tied and use promo code DAPPER25 at checkout to receive 25% off your purchase!



    Trunk Club | Men’s Outfitters


    Do you have a personal stylist? Didn’t think so.

    I could have asked “Do you date supermodels?” and gotten the same response, right? Only in your dreams. Well thanks to Trunk Club, a new-ish Chicago based start-up, the personal stylist thing could be a dream come true. Here’s the deal:

    -You sign up…Here

    -You chat with a stylist online (likes, dislikes, style preferences, hobbies, body type…).

    -They ship you a Trunk with awesome gear…you keep what you like and ship the rest back at no charge.

    -Look awesome.

    -Date supermodels*

    *Trunk Club and The Dapper Dude make no guarantees on the last statement.


    The Motley X Details

    Like what you see in the new Details “Best of Grooming” issue? Now you can buy it all with ease. My good friends over at The Motley have partnered with Details in order to make all of the featured brands available in once place. Shipped right to your door. Now you have no excuse for buying inferior grooming products.


    Maide Golf | Bonobos

    Just in time for golf season.

    Check out Maide Golf, the new line of slimmer, cooler golf apparel for guys. I’m excited that my clothes will look good next time I hit the links…can’t say the same for game.


    Shinola | Detroit

    I love my hometown, but it hasn’t been a hot spot for cool fashion brands in a while.  One new company is about to change all of that. Shinola, a new brand that takes its name from an old brand of shoe polish known mainly for a popular mid-century phrase “You don’t know shit from Shinola”, decided to set up shop in Detroit and make it their permanent headquarters. After a few years of R&D, Shinola is finally ready to start selling its line of American made watches, bicycles, leather goods and journals. And I can already tell they’re going to do a damn fine job at it…Now you know shit from Shinola.

    Image from Shinola

    Image from Shinola


    Lumina | Raleigh, NC

    I’ve found the perfect shirt! I’ve been looking for a new blue oxford shirt for a while, my previous version was never quite right.

    I received my new oxford from the guys at Lumina, a Raleigh, NC based company that prides itself on being American made. The shirt is the perfect color blue. It’s crisp enough to be dressed up with a sport coat, but not too crisp that it can’t be dressed down with shorts or jeans. It has a modern, tapered fit with high arm holes and subtle oxford stripe detailing in the collar and cuff.

    Best of all though is the size and fit. With most American brands I always find myself too big for a small and too thin for a medium. Lumina offers the perfect solution…half sizes. I will absolutely be stocking up.

    Image from New Raleigh



    Inspired by the old world utilitarian ideal of making something that is “built to last,” Izola and Aesthetic Movement have curated a collection of whimsical objects with a masculine sense of antiquity.

    Made with great care and attention to detail, this series of functional every day staples is designed to be the perfect gifts for men. The products include flasks, soaps, candles, laundry bags, bamboo toothbrushes, handkerchiefs, shoe brushes, shower rings, ceramics and shower curtains.


    Nice pattern mixing.


    Awesome rig from Michael Bastian.