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    Freehand | Miami

    Freehand, a new hostel brand, has opened its first location in Miami at the former Indian Creek Hotel. The concept is a partnership between the Sydel Group, the developer behind the Ace New York & Palm Springs properties and Yucaipa Companies. Created for a new generation of urban travelers, Freehand will incorporate innovative design, a local food and beverage experience, and a comfortable community atmosphere, all offered at an affordable price.

    The interior design was done by Roman & Williams, who have done killer work for the Ace among other.

    Sydel and Yucaipa have plans to open at least ten more locations within the next few years.


    The Oyster Inn | New Zealand

    Flipping through the new issue of Monocle I came across an article about the newly opened Oyster Inn on Waiheke Island in New Zealand. Similar to Ruschmeyer’s in Montauk, the owners put thought into every element. I love places like this.


    Herb Lester Maps | Huckberry

    Try typing “How to find Old New York” or “41 reasons to visit Brooklyn” into Google Maps, and you’ll either get no answer or the wrong answer. No doubt most folded paper maps are completely useless these days, but the folks over at Herb Lester are giving you a reason to buy them again. Not only are they awesomely designed, but with guides like “It’s Nice To Be Alone In Paris” and “An Uncle’s Guide To London”, they give you an insight into cities that technology simply can’t provide. So the next time you’re strolling around Greenwich Village looking for a good cup of New York coffee, don’t consult Google, pull out your “Truly Greenwich Village” map by Herb Lester.

    The guys over at Huckberry are currently offering Herb Lester sets on the cheap. Get at them here.


    Boston Proper

    I hit Boston this weekend with some friends. Prior to this trip, the majority of my time in the Boston area had been spent in Cambridge (with the occasional trip to Newbury Street). Cambridge is a great town on it’s own, but it was nice to dig deep into Boston and really get a taste of the city.

    If you’re looking for good Seafood in Boston (and why wouldn’t you be?), look no further than Neptune Oyster. Located in Boston’s North End, this quaint spot hits the mark on every detail. The lobster roll came highly recommended (for good reason). I went hot with butter.

    Bobby’s from Boston is probably the best vintage store I’ve ever been to. Amazing men’s clothing and accessories from all eras…and at can’t miss prices. I need to plan another trip and dedicate it entirely to this store.

    Craft cocktail bars continue to be the hot trend in drinking culture. Drink is Boston’s best offering. No menu, just tell the bartender what you’re looking for and they’ll craft something specific to your wants and desires. It was a hot day, but I whisky…they worked based off those two points and served me what was probably the best cocktail I’ve ever had.

    The bar snacks are pretty killer too.

    Ball & Buck is a new shop on high-end Newbury St. It’s a refreshing and relevant break from the designer and chain stores prominent of the block. Stacked high with Bill’s Khakis, Gitman shirting and other brands of that ilk, Ball & Buck only stocks brands that are made in America.

    They also operate a one chair barber shop in the back.


    King & Grove Hotels

    As the warmer months near (sort of) I find myself starting to plan weekend trips to escape the concrete jungle. I recently stumbled upon a hotel group called King & Grove, which operates two (i hesitate to say “boutique”) hotels in Montauk, Ruschmeyer’s and the Surf Lodge…As well as one in Miami, Tide’s South Beach. With projects currently underway in Brooklyn and Manhattan, they might just be the coolest lodging operation going.


    Rise of the Public House

    As most of you probably already know, the word “Pub” (as in bar), comes from the term Public House. In short, public houses we’re 19th century drinking establishments and restaurants, most of which also offered a small amount lodging upstairs for travelers (a beer and a bed…pretty much all a guy needs.)

    With the opening of Longman & Eagle in Chicago, The Grazing Goat in London and Honor & Folly in Detroit, this concept has been experiencing a bit of a renaissance lately…with modern updates, of course.

    The Grazing Goat (London)

    Longman & Eagle (Chicago)

    Honor & Folly (Detroit)

    * While Honor & Folly does not operate it’s own bar, it is located above The Sugar House, a craft cocktail bar.


    Monocle Mediterraneo | A Preview

    The second installment of Monocle Mediterraneo, the Media brands large-format summer newspaper, is set to hit newsstands on July 28th. With a report from Pitti Uomo, as well as the usual briefings on food, culture, retail and design, Mediterraneo is sure to please the cultural senses.

    Check out the preview video, here.


    Monocle Alpino

    I’m a little behind on this, but if you enjoyed Monocle Mediterraneo…check out their new seasonal newspaper, Monocle Alpino.


    Tyler Brûlé | New York Magazine

    Tyler Brûlé, who along with his company, Monocle, frequents this site, is another person who I’d like to be like when I grow up. New York Magazine recently published a lengthy story regarding his brand, his view on the media landscape and his lifestyle.


    Herschel Supply Co. | Carry On

    I’ve been doing a lot of flying via the no-fun, no beverage, no leg room, and most notable…no carry-on airline, known as Spirit lately. If you haven’t heard, Spirit is charging extra for any carry-on bag that doesn’t fit under the seat in front of you, which doesn’t leave room for much. If you’re a frequent bargain traveler (Read: cheap ass) like me, check out Herschel Supply Co., they make some very simple, stylish and inexpensive bags that you won’t mind stuffing under the seat.

    Or, if your destination allows…just fly JetBlue.


    Dispatch | Curated Content

    Dispatch: Curated content to read, watch, use and amuse.

    -Details: How Restaurants became the new Nightlife: Read

    -GQ: 10 Reasons why LA is the Coolest City on the Planet: Read

    -Nowness: Falcon Motorcycles: Watch

    -Serious Eats: Jim Meehan: Read

    -BA Foodist: 10 Best New Restaurants in America: Read


    Monocle Mediterraneo

    I just picked up a copy of Monocle’s summer edition, Monocle Mediterraneo, yesterday. As usual, it’s a great read.

    I don’t know if it’s the content, the design or the fact that I feel a little more cultured when I carry it around, but I love Monocle, it’s my favorite publication at the moment.

    Monocle was founded by Tyler Brule (who also founded Wallpaper Magazine) in February 2007. The publication covers international affairs, business, culture and design. Headquartered in London with offices in Tokyo, Zurich and New York, Monocle is published 10 times a year.

    Usually in magazine form, Monocle Mediterraneo, is the media brands first newspaper style offering. Inspired by the hype of ipads and digital devices, Monocle wanted to offer content that people could indulge in at the beach or poolside during their summer vacations. Offered mostly in Mediterranean cities (hence the name), Monocle Mediterraneo, is also offered in select resort areas in the US and Europe.

    If you don’t yet have the luxury to galavant around resort towns, you may also find it at a specialty magazine shop like I did.

    Watch a recent Bloomberg interview with Monocle Editor, Tyler Brule, here.