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    Duck Duck Boot

    Hunter boots, while classic, can look and feel a bit feminine on a guy. Something about tucking pants into tall boots just doesn’t work. The best way for a guy to face the rain and snow is by lacing up a pair of duck boots, and nobody does them better than the originator, L.L. Bean.


    Mr. B’s Gentleman’s Boutique | Aldo

    Aldo catches a lot of flak for pushing cheap, euro-trashy footwear. While you can certainly find a stylish pair of shoes with a nice price tag at Aldo, it’s almost not worth being exposed to faux snakeskin, square toed, hideousness to find them.

    Now, Aldo has taken a step in the right direction with their Mr. B’s Gentleman’s Boutique collection. Offering a small selection of stylish oxfords, loafers, wingtips and more at a nice price point ($150-$175). You’ll now have more good (and hopefully less bad) to choose from at your local Aldo store.


    To Tuck or Not to Tuck | WSJ

    The Wall Street Journal recently asked a very pressing question: Is it OK for men to tuck their pants into boots? Of course it depends on who you ask, read the entire article here and make your own judgment. I tend to agree with Mr. Thoreson…the look can work, but make it doesn’t look like you put alot of thought into it.

    Sidenote: The boots in this image are from Chicago based bootmaker, Oak Street. They’re handcrafted in America and I endorse them under any condition, pants in or out.


    Newbalance 1400

    Wearing running shoes with casual clothing is one of the worst style mistakes a man can make. Running shoes are acceptable for working out or engaging in athletic activity…only. There are, however, some classic running shoes of yesteryear that have stood the test of time (and style) to become acceptable forms of casual footwear. Originally launched in 1994, the Newbalance 1400, is certainly one of those shoes.

    J.Crew recently joined forces with Newbalance to create a limited edition line of 1400s in never-before-seen colors. I usually go with the classic gray, but J.Crew’s navy and pine green are cool as well.


    Dapper Desires | Converse Star Player EV by John Varvatos

    Images from Converse.com

    Converse Chuck Taylors are classic…and when it comes to classic items, I usually subscribe to the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” theory. However, if John Varvatos (who’s collaborated with Converse several times) wants to put his mark on something…you let him.

    The Converse Star Player EV is crafted with wax-coated canvas, touches of premium leather and topped off with the classic Converse star/chevron detailing.

    A nice acquisition for your fall line-up.

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    Dapper Decorum | The Do’s & Don’ts of Style

    No. 23: The right shoes won’t help a bad suit…but the wrong shoes will kill a good suit.


    To Tom, or not to Tom

    I’ve received several questions lately regarding Toms shoes and whether or not I consider them to be a stylish and acceptable form of footwear. The short answer is…Yes. The longer answer is…only in the summer…always without socks…only the “Classic” style…and no patterns. Keep it simple with solid, understated colors.

    Toms was founded by Blake Mycoskie in 2006. Inspired by a trip to Argentina where he experienced extreme poverty, health conditions and children walking without shoes, he decided to start a shoe company (modeled after the Argentine alpargata shoe) with a commitment to match every pair of Toms purchased with a pair of new shoes for a child in need.

    If you follow the rules, you’ll have yourself a nice (and extremely comfortable) addition to your summer shoe lineup. They’re also good bait if you’re looking to land one of those Feist listening, Whole Foods shopping, Coachella attending, do-gooder type girls.


    Bass Dover Weejuns

    I was back home in Detroit this past week to take care of business. I had to go to a few meetings, go to a wedding and partake in the usual bar hopping and juvenile behavior. Since airlines are now starting to charge extra for bags and breathing air (just give it time it will happen), I only brought one pair of shoes, Bass Dover Weejuns. They worked swimmingly for every occasion, the only place I didn’t wear them was to the gym…dress shoe workout guy is pathetic (I’ve seen it more than once).


    Classic Cortez

    Forrest Gump happened to be on TV last night, so of course I watched it. Near the end of the movie, Jenny buys Forrest a pair of red, white and blue Nike Cortez running shoes so he can go run-ing. They’re classic, just like the movie.

    And that’s all I have to say about that.

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    Buck Up

    Summer is here, which means its time to let those dogs breathe a little (and sandals are only acceptable at the pool or beach). Sperry’s are great, but if you’re looking for something a little more refined for dressy occasion this summer, buck up.

    These Nordstom Carsons are perfect.

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    Chuck Taylor Slims Down

    Converse Chuck Taylor’s are probably the most classic sneaker on the market…but I have always thought that the soles were a bit thick. Apparently I’m not the only finicky person who thought so because Converse recently released a slimmer, more modern version. It’s like they took the Tretorn T56 and added the classic Chuck stripes.

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