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    The Spread Collar

    Spread collar shirts have been gaining popularity recently, and for good reason…when done right, they look damn good.

    A spread collar is like a double-breasted suit, they’re not for every guy. But if you have a thin frame and a thin face, nothing looks better than a spread collar shirt. The horizontal line that the collar creates balances the natural vertical lines of a thin face and frame. Add some to your mix today, they’re available from high to low.

    Image from GQ


    Good Graphics

    Graphic t-shirts are a touchy subject. When you wear a shirt featuring a saying like “Get your tickets to the gun show”, you’re practically calling yourself a douchebag. There are, however, a few companies making graphic tee’s worth wearing. Check out Homage, Lincoln Supply Co., Bushleague, Bumpy Pitch for the soccer set, and the mainstays, Original Retro Brand and Mitchell & Ness.

    Stick with vintage logos or something that has personal meaning and you won’t look like a tool.