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    Complex Cut & Show | Schott NYC

    Words via Schott’s Facebook page:

    Nearly a century ago in 1913, back when the world was still in black and white and sounded kinda tinny, two brothers in a little shop on New York’s Lower East Side started a simple jacket company that would become an icon of American culture. Their mantra was simple, forget the trends, ignore fickle fashions, just make the best damned product possible. The next hundred years proved to be a doozy, and as America marched on, through two World Wars, the rise of cinema, and birth of rock n’ roll, America did so wearing Schott, with quality, individuality and innovation infused in every jacket. Each day since the first time Jack & Irving Schott concieved their first masterpiece, their family has continued the long standing tradition, hand-crafting American made jackets, that was started four generations ago by the original Schott Brothers.

    Complex recently took a trip over to the Schott factory in New Jersey and documented their experience as part of their Cut & Show series. Check out the video, here.