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    Bates | Livonia, MI

    If you ever find yourself in southeast Michigan jonesin’ for some sliders, go to Bates in Livonia. Some of the Detroit readers might be partial to Greene’s or Hunter House (both good), but I grew up a short bike ride away from Bates, so it’s always my choice.

    The white panel exterior, tile floor and stainless counter top are classic. The sliders, chili fries and chocolate malts (don’t call it a shake at Bates), put White Castle to shame. The place is always packed no matter what time of day and there are men who have been sitting on the same stool for 20 years…so good luck getting a seat.

    Affectionately referred to as “Bates on the Boulevard”, Noble Bates opened up shop in 1959 and the burger joint has been a local favorite ever since.

    33406 5 Mile Road
    Livonia, MI 48154


    Ruby’s | Bronte Burger

    I consider myself to be somewhat of a purest. Accordingly, I don’t put much on my burger. Usually just some ground sirloin (or chuck) and a tomato will do the trick…maybe lettuce…rarely cheese…never onion. However, the Bronte Burger at Ruby’s Cafe in New York’s Nolita neighborhood is an exception. Premium ground beef, tomato, lettuce, sweet chili, mayo and cheese. It’s Aussie inspired, unconventional, and so damn delicious.