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    Churchkey | Retro Cans

    Apparently Vince isn’t an ultra-premium tequila guy after all. Adrian Grenier, of Entourage fame, recently co-founded a new beer brand called Churchkey, named after the retro can opener required to open the flat-top cans. Before the invention and acceptance of the pull-tab, this is how all cans were opened. An opener is included with all six-packs of Churchkey.

    It looks like PBR just lost the hipster beer award.


    Know your Beer…Glasses

    I’ve done a similar post in the past, but I felt compelled to re-post on the subject of beer glasses…not only because it’s good information, but I also liked the graphic.

    As displayed above, there are generally six types of beer glasses one should know: The Shaker Pint, Tulip Pint, Nonic Pint, Snifter, Tulip and Goblet. Learn more about each glass and when to use them, here.


    Draft Magazine | America’s 100 Best Beer Bars

    There are three types of bars. Beer bars, cocktail bars and bars that aren’t worth going to.

    Every now and then, the lobby of my apartment building will have stacks of magazines for the taking in the lobby. Last week I picked up an issue of Draft Magazine, who recently named the 100 best beer bars in America. They break in down by region, so there’s sure to be one near you…I’m headed to one now.


    Motorman Chocolate Lager

    “It’s all about the details.”

    That phrase is relevant when applied to just about anything…beer included. Brooklyn based design studio, Freshthrills, recently collaborated with brew master Kelly Taylor of Kelso Of Brooklyn in order to develop an identity for their chocolate lager. They missed no details.

    More »


    Dapper Decorum | The Do’s & Don’ts of Style

    No. 37: The new bar is never the best bar.


    Beer, Liquor & Food

    I came across this poster while searching for something completely unrelated, which is odd because 90% of what I search for online falls under the category of beer, liquor or food. To my surprise, this poster is available on art.com. A tasteful alternative to the Belushi poster, which needs to be retired upon college graduation.


    Dispatch | Curated Content

    Dispatch: Curated content to read, watch, use and amuse.

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    Brew Masters

    Brew Masters, a new series featuring Dogfish Head Brewery founder, Sam Calagione, as he travels the world exploring the culture, history and variety of beer premiers November 21 on the Discovery Channel. If the beer isle at your local market seems busier than usual, it’s because people are buying some Dogfish Head…sure to see a spike in sales.


    Brooklyn Brew Shop | Brew Kit

    The holiday season is upon us, and the only thing more satisfying than enjoying a seasonal brew, is making it yourself…and then drinking it. I’m sure a lot of you, like myself, have thought about making your own beer at one point but weren’t quite sure how to get started. The Brooklyn Brew Shop has created an at-home brewing kit with all of the necessary ingredients and utensils (minus the everyday stuff that you should already have) necessary for brewing your own jug of beer. Best of all, it can be used in the smallest of kitchens and is available in a verity of flavors. So, this holiday season, take a break from your usual store-bought seasonal and impress your guests (and yourself) with a homemade Gingerbread or Chestnut Brown Ale…or you could always go with an Everyday IPA.


    Dispatch | Curated Content

    Dispatch: Curated content to read, watch, use and amuse.

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    Drink of the Week | Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout

    Image from Drew Allen’s Flickr.

    Start this Saturday’s tailgate off with some oatmeal…Stout that is.

    Originally marketed as a “nutritional” beer (isn’t all beer nutritional?), Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout is rich, malty and sweet. Popular in late 1880s, this type of brew was largely unknown until the company reintroduced it in the 1980s.


    Dispatch | Curated Content

    Dispatch: Curated content to read, watch, use and amuse.

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