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    The Motley X Details

    Like what you see in the new Details “Best of Grooming” issue? Now you can buy it all with ease. My good friends over at The Motley have partnered with Details in order to make all of the featured brands available in once place. Shipped right to your door. Now you have no excuse for buying inferior grooming products.


    Rudy’s Barbershop | The Beginnings

    Vintage style barbershops have been popping up at a rapid pace over the past few year. One of the originators of this trend was Rudy’s, which started in the early 1990s during the “grunge” days in Seattle.

    Check out this video which documents the story of their humble beginnings.


    The Motley | Curated Shaving Kit

    The guys over at The Motley we’re cool enough to let me curate a ready-made kit for their online shop. It was tough to choose from all of their top-notch grooming products, so I decided to go with a theme…everything a guy needs for a close comfortable shave. With this kit you’ll get all of the essential items needed to prepare and protect your skin for battle.

    If you’re already well-stocked in the shaving department, there are other curated kits available that tackle different grooming gripes.


    Buckler’s | Chapped Skin Remedy

    We’ve been experiencing unseasonably warn weather here in NYC, but my hands haven’t seemed to notice. For this reason, I keep a jar of Buckler’s Chapped Skin Remedy on my desk. Developed in house by the guys at The Motley, Buckler’s is an all natural, fragrance free formula packed with Chamomile, Shea Butter and Aloe that soothes and softens skin. My hands have never been in better shape for the winter season.


    Cavalier Essentials | Launching

    I wrote about Cavalier Essentials a while back. Cavalier began as a branding project by Taylor Pemberton, and after receiving a plethora of positive press, it looks like he will be launching a real brand in November. Check out the launch video and stay tuned for more.


    The Motley | Your Grooming Guru

    I can’t tell you how much time I’ve wasted at the store staring at different grooming products (I do the same with beer, but that’s a topic for another time). Part of my indecisiveness stems from my natural curiosity and interest in the subject…the other part is due to the fact that there’s way too much crap out there to sift through. The men’s grooming business has become very saturated. So many new brands have popped up over the years, and those that already existed as women’s or generic products now have lines specifically targeted at guys.

    The Motley takes care of the work for you by curating a selection of the best grooming products available. Every product they carry is thoroughly tested. Recently, they were kind enough to let me test out one of their newest installments, Raw Materials. The shave cream and Skin Grit work wonders together.

    In additional to their growing stable of brands, The Motley has also been beefing up their site with editorial content, videos and advice. Think of it as the Mr. Porter of grooming.

    Now I can just worry about wasting my time in the beer aisle.


    The Motley | Study Series

    The fact that some men purchase their grooming products three aisles away from their produce disturbs me a little. Maybe some guys just don’t know where to find the good stuff…which is OK, because The Motley is here to help. The Motley, an online men’s grooming retailer dedicated to providing the best products from independent producers, recently launched with a nice selection of products from brands like Billy Jealousy, Urth and LS&B.

    In addition to their quality selection of products, they’ve also produced a new video series called “Study Series”, which takes an informative look at cool brands and the people behind them. Their first video features Cremo Cream, a highly concentrated, super-lubricating (stay focused) formula that provides a close and comfortable shave.

    The good folks over at The Motley were also kind enough to provide The Dapper Dude readers with a generous promotion. Head over to The Motley now and enter “dapperdude” as the promo code at check-out to receive a free tube of Cremo Cream with a purchase of any amount.