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    Maide Golf | Bonobos

    Just in time for golf season.

    Check out Maide Golf, the new line of slimmer, cooler golf apparel for guys. I’m excited that my clothes will look good next time I hit the links…can’t say the same for game.


    Freehand | Miami

    Freehand, a new hostel brand, has opened its first location in Miami at the former Indian Creek Hotel. The concept is a partnership between the Sydel Group, the developer behind the Ace New York & Palm Springs properties and Yucaipa Companies. Created for a new generation of urban travelers, Freehand will incorporate innovative design, a local food and beverage experience, and a comfortable community atmosphere, all offered at an affordable price.

    The interior design was done by Roman & Williams, who have done killer work for the Ace among other.

    Sydel and Yucaipa have plans to open at least ten more locations within the next few years.


    Shinola | Detroit

    I love my hometown, but it hasn’t been a hot spot for cool fashion brands in a while. ¬†One new company is about to change all of that. Shinola, a new brand that takes its name from an old brand of shoe polish known mainly for a popular mid-century phrase “You don’t know shit from Shinola”, decided to set up shop in Detroit and make it their permanent headquarters. After a few years of R&D, Shinola is finally ready to start selling its line of American made watches, bicycles, leather goods and journals. And I can already tell they’re going to do a damn fine job at it…Now you know shit from Shinola.

    Image from Shinola

    Image from Shinola


    Lumina | Raleigh, NC

    I’ve found the perfect shirt! I’ve been looking for a new blue oxford shirt for a while, my previous version was never quite right.

    I received my new oxford from the guys at Lumina, a Raleigh, NC based company that prides itself on being American made. The shirt is the perfect color blue. It’s crisp enough to be dressed up with a sport coat, but not too crisp that it can’t be dressed down with shorts or jeans. It has a modern, tapered fit with high arm holes and subtle oxford stripe detailing in the collar and cuff.

    Best of all though is the size and fit. With most American brands I always find myself too big for a small and too thin for a medium. Lumina offers the perfect solution…half sizes. I will absolutely be stocking up.

    Image from New Raleigh