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    Herb Lester Maps | Huckberry

    Try typing “How to find Old New York” or “41 reasons to visit Brooklyn” into Google Maps, and you’ll either get no answer or the wrong answer. No doubt most folded paper maps are completely useless these days, but the folks over at Herb Lester are giving you a reason to buy them again. Not only are they awesomely designed, but with guides like “It’s Nice To Be Alone In Paris” and “An Uncle’s Guide To London”, they give you an insight into cities that technology simply can’t provide. So the next time you’re strolling around Greenwich Village looking for a good cup of New York coffee, don’t consult Google, pull out your “Truly Greenwich Village” map by Herb Lester.

    The guys over at Huckberry are currently offering Herb Lester sets on the cheap. Get at them here.


    Restoration Hardware | Fall 12

    For years, Restoration Hardware was lost somewhere in the middle of Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel, they were always “the other one”. Over the past few years, however, the brand has really set themselves apart from the competition by taking inspiration from popular tastemakers and making those items available to the masses (a la J.Crew). Today, they’re less Pottery Barn and more Modern 50…and I’m down with that.

    It seems the company is taking their rebrand one step further by shortening their name to simply RH…not sure if I’m down with that.

    Check out their full Fall 12 catalog here.


    Nice pattern mixing.