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    Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.

    Unhappy with the available options, Taylor Huber and Brooks Reitz set out to create the perfect tonic, and thus, the perfect Gin & Tonic. Handcrafted in South Carolina (and named after the founders grandfather) Jack Rudy uses ingredients like lemongrass, orange peel and quinine. Add to your next cocktail for a proper kick.

    Find recipes here


    Awesome rig from Michael Bastian.


    Morris Kitchen

    Started in 2009 by brother and sister Tyler and Kari Morris, Morris Kitchen is a hand crafted syrup company based in Brooklyn, NY. Their signature and original product, Ginger Syrup, makes a damn fine Dark & Stormy. The brand has since extended into a range of syrup offerings perfect for cooking and cocktails such as Lemon, Apple Cider and Rhubarb.

    They hit the mark on every aspect…I see them expanding into other categories very soon.

    See additional recipes here.

    Dark & Stormy Cocktail


    • 2 oz dark rum
    • ½ oz Morris Kitchen Ginger Syrup
    • 1 oz lime
    • 3 oz seltzer water


    1. Pour seltzer, syrup and lime over ice
    2. Stir and let drink settle
    3. Slowly add rum on top
    4. Serve over ice in a highball glass
    5. Garnish with a lime wheel

    Man Candles

    Buckler’s Camp Blend

    There are brands out there trying to market candles to men with scents like “Basketball”, “Bacon”, or the most offensive “White Castle cheeseburger” scent. It goes without saying that this is not what a guy should want his place to smell like. What you should be looking for are masculine scents like oak, leather and musk.

    Here are some options worth burning.

    The Blind Barber

    Le Labo Sental 26

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