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    Liqueured Up

    Image from The Foodinista

    A g&t or Dark & Stormy will always do the trick, but summer is a great time to pull out some classic liqueurs and introduce a few less-played, and very refreshing, staples into your drink rotation.

    The perfect picnic drink: Aperol Fizz

    2.5 oz. Aperol
    2 oz. prosecco
    splash tonic water

    The Dark & Stormy substitute: Campari & Ale

    3 oz. Campari
    6 oz. Ginger Ale

    The gin & tonic substitute: French Gimlet

    2 oz. gin
    1.5 oz. St. Germain
    splash lemon juice



    Brown bagging it.


    Check Yourself

    I believe trends are reserved for womenswear. I think what happens every season in menswear is best described as “realizations”. Like the moment when men realized tailored suits look better than big baggy ones; or recently when men realized that double-breasted jackets look cool when worn correctly.

    The new realization is that check sport coats are bad ass. Everybody from Zegna to Zara is offering them in weights appropriate for both summer and winter. However, they never really went away…guys simply realized that they should start buying them again.


    Keep Calm & Carry On | The Story

    The image has been overused on souvenirs, (mugs, key chains, etc.) but the classic poster is timeless. If you didn’t know the full history…check out this video.


    Code Red

    I’m not sure what all the “experts” are saying…but I’m focusing on red as my wardrobe pop color this season.