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    Churchkey | Retro Cans

    Apparently Vince isn’t an ultra-premium tequila guy after all. Adrian Grenier, of Entourage fame, recently co-founded a new beer brand called Churchkey, named after the retro can opener required to open the flat-top cans. Before the invention and acceptance of the pull-tab, this is how all cans were opened. An opener is included with all six-packs of Churchkey.

    It looks like PBR just lost the hipster beer award.




    Mad About Plaid

    Mad Men has set many style trends over the years; The slim charcoal suit, thick framed glasses, the side part, and now…plaid jackets. At least one has appeared in every episode so far this season, and they took it to a whole new level this past Sunday (see above).

    Certainly plaid jackets could be found prior to Mad Men (as could a slim charcoal suit, thick framed glasses and side parts), however, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of these this spring and summer based solely on their new staring role.

    Keep in mind that this is advanced style. If you plan on experimenting yourself, make sure it’s in a modern cut, and unless you work in a creative field…save it for the weekend.


    Old Try

    Started by a Southern couple, who recently relocated to Boston, Old Try strives to make things that connect people to places. Currently, those things are letterpress posters.