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    Monocle | 5th Anniversary

    The release of Monocle’s March issue also marks the company’s 5th birthday. Check out this video which recaps all brand happenings from print to retail.

    It’s safe to say that I’ll still be an avid reader when they celebrate their 50th year.


    King & Grove Hotels

    As the warmer months near (sort of) I find myself starting to plan weekend trips to escape the concrete jungle. I recently stumbled upon a hotel group called King & Grove, which operates two (i hesitate to say “boutique”) hotels in Montauk, Ruschmeyer’s and the Surf Lodge…As well as one in Miami, Tide’s South Beach. With projects currently underway in Brooklyn and Manhattan, they might just be the coolest lodging operation going.


    Ovadia & Sons

    The dust has officially settled on New York Fashion Week, and Ovadia & Sons is the cleanest one of the bunch. Men’s fashion is heading in a more tailored, dressed-up direction, and Ovadia & Sons has nailed it with their most recent collection.

    Check out their full F/W 12 collection here.


    Rudy’s Barbershop | The Beginnings

    Vintage style barbershops have been popping up at a rapid pace over the past few year. One of the originators of this trend was Rudy’s, which started in the early 1990s during the “grunge” days in Seattle.

    Check out this video which documents the story of their humble beginnings.