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    Heritage Whiskey | Branding Project

    Heritage Whiskey is a branding project by Katelyn Peissig, a Graphic Design major at the University 0f Wisconsin-Stout. I love the look of the this bottle and would surely buy it if it we’re on the shelf.

    Like the previously featured Proper BBQ and Cavalier Essentials, it goes to show the quality of work coming from students…Which begs the question, why is there so much bad packaging out there!?


    “Too much of anything is bad, but too much of good whiskey is barely enough.” – Mark Twain


    Rise of the Public House

    As most of you probably already know, the word “Pub” (as in bar), comes from the term Public House. In short, public houses we’re 19th century drinking establishments and restaurants, most of which also offered a small amount lodging upstairs for travelers (a beer and a bed…pretty much all a guy needs.)

    With the opening of Longman & Eagle in Chicago, The Grazing Goat in London and Honor & Folly in Detroit, this concept has been experiencing a bit of a renaissance lately…with modern updates, of course.

    The Grazing Goat (London)

    Longman & Eagle (Chicago)

    Honor & Folly (Detroit)

    * While Honor & Folly does not operate it’s own bar, it is located above The Sugar House, a craft cocktail bar.


    Solid Stationary

    “Look at the subtle off-white coloring. The tasteful thickness of it. Oh my god, it even has a watermark.”

    I’m a sucker for good business cards and stationary, it’s amazing what a nice identity can do for your business or personal brand. I was delighted to find out that the packaging design blog, Lovely Package, also has an edition dedicated to stationary design, aptly named, Lovely Stationary.

    Check out the great work and get inspired.


    3×1 | Bespoke Denim

    I wouldn’t usually support the idea of spending an outrageous amount of money on blue jeans…but 3×1 is just too damn cool.

    Denim industry maven, Scott Morrison, of Earnest Sewn and Paper Denim & Cloth fame opened up his Soho shop this past May. His new concept, 3×1 (the name is derived from denim’s standard weaving constriction, 3×1 Right Hand Twill, and references the designers third denim venture), is focused on the bespoke process.

    While 3×1 has a selection of ready-to-wear denim (prices starting around $350), the real draw is the custom, with prices starting at (cough) $1200. During the process, you meet with Scott and his design team to pick out everything from fabric (with dozens of Japanese, European and American bolts to sort through) to hardware, to stitch color. From there, you will collaborate with the head pattern maker until the fit is just right. The ladies who work in their in-house facility will construct the finished product while you watch.

    Sure, if you want to pay this month’s rent you can get a pair of A.P.C’s or Gap 1969′s, but the day might come when you want to drop $1200 on a pair of jeans, and when that day comes my friend, 3×1 is the only acceptable option.