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    Mr. B’s Gentleman’s Boutique | Aldo

    Aldo catches a lot of flak for pushing cheap, euro-trashy footwear. While you can certainly find a stylish pair of shoes with a nice price tag at Aldo, it’s almost not worth being exposed to faux snakeskin, square toed, hideousness to find them.

    Now, Aldo has taken a step in the right direction with their Mr. B’s Gentleman’s Boutique collection. Offering a small selection of stylish oxfords, loafers, wingtips and more at a nice price point ($150-$175). You’ll now have more good (and hopefully less bad) to choose from at your local Aldo store.


    Proper BBQ | Branding Project

    Another branding project of similar ilk to my previous post, is Proper BBQ, developed by Thomas Hayes.

    “Proper BBQ, enabling fine gentlemen to get messy. The range of products are essentials for the BBQ mad gentleman or the lavish messy hungry man, they were designed with a big bold punchy flavor in mind. Each product allows the user to get crazy and splash some charisma into their food, allowing each item to be generously applied.”

    If my building allowed me to have a grill (and by grill I mean a real charcoal grill…none of this gas or electric bullshit) and if these products actually existed, I would stock up on them in a second. 

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    Cavalier Essentials | Branding Project

    Cavalier Essentials is a branding and packaging project developed by Taylor Pemberton. The project is described as: “If Steve McQueen carried a beat-up leather duffle bag on the back of his motorcycle; what would be in it and how would the product look?”

    The final result is pretty badass, definitely something I would purchase.

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