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    Flying Junction Signs

    Using street signs for wall decor is usually a bad idea, but vintage subway signs are more than acceptable…it’s a fine line. These replicas, made by Flying Junction, pay homage to the subway signs of the 1900s (a time when everything seemed to well designed). They’re very similar to those available at Restoration Hardware, but for a fraction of the price.


    Smith St. | Brooklyn, NY

    Buttermilk Channel 524 Court St. Brooklyn, NY (0ne block from Smith St.)

    I’m going out on a limb by posting about things I haven’t tried first hand…but here it goes. I went out to a barbecue at a friends place in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn this past weekend. The subways wasn’t running correctly (surprise, surprise) so we got off a few stops early and walked Smith St. in it’s entirety. I was pleasantly surprised by the great shops and restaurants that we passed along the way (had trouble finding a liquor store though..that was an issue). As mentioned above, I haven’t been to most of these places, but you better believe I’ll be paying them a visit soon. (Buttermilk Channel for brunch and a stop by Smith & Butler this weekend most likely).

    Van Leeuwen Ice Cream 81 Bergen St. Brooklyn, NY (just off Smith St.)

    Smith & Butler 225 Smith St. Brooklyn, NY

    The Grocery 288 Smith St. Brooklyn, NY

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    Rise of the Dude-itor

    Image: Adam Rapoport, Bon Appétit (pulled from The Observer)

    Adam Rapoport, EIC at Bon Appétit and former Style Editor at GQ, is one of the inspirations for this site…just a regular dude who knows a shit ton about style, food, design…

    WWD posted a great story today about Rapoport and other young male editors, including Hugo Lindgren of the New York Times magazine, who are rising to the top of the magazine world and gaining a bit of rebel status along the way. These guys don’t fit your stereotypical Editor-In-Chief mold…they’re just dudes…very dapper dudes.


    The Playboy Club | NBC

    On Monday, NBC announced it’s plans for a stylish 1960s drama, The Playboy Club, due out this Fall. Hard to tell if this is just NBC trying to bank on the success of Mad Men or if this show will actually have some legs to it (not just the kind in a bunny costume).

    Check out the trailer above.


    Spring Bar | Gilt MANual

    Photo: Rose Callahan (Pulled from Gilt)

    I’m convinced Spring no longer exists as a real season…like Pluto, it’s been demoted to dwarf status (yes, it’s a PC term in this context). Once you pass March (at least here in NYC) it’s a complete crap shoot as to what kind of whether you’re going to get. 80 degrees and sunny one day…40 and raining the next.

    Nevertheless, the calendar says it’s Spring and your bar should say the same. The gentleman over at Gilt MANual have published a comprehensive guide on how to stock your bar approprately for the warmer months.

    Keep the cold weather booze close though, you might need it tomorrow.


    Know your Beer…Glasses

    I’ve done a similar post in the past, but I felt compelled to re-post on the subject of beer glasses…not only because it’s good information, but I also liked the graphic.

    As displayed above, there are generally six types of beer glasses one should know: The Shaker Pint, Tulip Pint, Nonic Pint, Snifter, Tulip and Goblet. Learn more about each glass and when to use them, here.


    Levi Strauss | Potential Product Expansion

    I came across this student work while browsing the package design blog, Lovely Package. Apparently the assignment was to create a new product for an iconic brand. I wouldn’t personally advise Levi’s to introduce a line of grooming products or barbecue sauce, but it’s an interesting idea and the packages look great.

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