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    Dapper Decorum | The Do’s & Don’ts of Style

    No. 39: Don’t Cheat.


    The Gilt MANual Minute

    One of the things I miss most about the old Men.Style.com was their In the Closet series. Apparently, Tyler Thoreson, former Men.Style.com Executive Editor and current Editorial Director of the Gilt Manual missed it too. Thoreson has re-created the series, along with Josh Peskowitz, at Gilt as The Gilt Manual Minute.


    Esquire | The Rules

    No. 442: Only acceptable pick-up line: “Hi, my name is (insert your name), what’s yours?

    Esquire has always done a great job coming up with essential, and usually humorous, rules for men to live by. Of course, I publish my own rules, Dapper Decorum, but Esquire will always be king. Follow Esquire on Twitter or Facebook to get a daily dose.


    The (well-tailored) Adjustment Bureau

    I was left with a couple of questions after seeing The Adjustment Bureau this past weekend…none of which pertain to the actual plot of the movie: 1. Is Emily Blunt single? 2. Will John Slattery ever play a role where he isn’t impeccably dressed? Unfortunately, Jim from The Office beat me to the punch on number one, but it’s hard to imagine Mr. Slattery in anything other than a perfectly tailored gray wool suit.

    Not only do these adjustment guys know everything about your path in life…they also know a thing or two about style.

    I like the magical Moleskines too.


    Draft Magazine | America’s 100 Best Beer Bars

    There are three types of bars. Beer bars, cocktail bars and bars that aren’t worth going to.

    Every now and then, the lobby of my apartment building will have stacks of magazines for the taking in the lobby. Last week I picked up an issue of Draft Magazine, who recently named the 100 best beer bars in America. They break in down by region, so there’s sure to be one near you…I’m headed to one now.


    The Hill-Side

    Ties have become much more casual than the wide, silk ones your grandfather wore back in the day. If you choose your neck piece wisely you can wear the same one with shorts as you do with your suit. Founded by Emil and Sandy Corsillo, the brothers behind Hickoree’s Hard Goods, The Hill-Side specializes in ties, scarves and pocket squares made from rugged cotton fabrics like duck cloth, chambray, denim and waxed canvas. More Williamsburgh than Wall Street.


    Landmarks & Lions

    Landmarks & Lions, another great company coming to you from the Midwest (Minneapolis to be exact), specializes in handmade accessories and cases for laptops, tablets and phones. My personal favorite is the smartphone case with credit card pocket. Men love to stuff their pockets with useless crap, but a phone and credit card is pretty much all you need these days.