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    To Tuck or Not to Tuck | WSJ

    The Wall Street Journal recently asked a very pressing question: Is it OK for men to tuck their pants into boots? Of course it depends on who you ask, read the entire article here and make your own judgment. I tend to agree with Mr. Thoreson…the look can work, but make it doesn’t look like you put alot of thought into it.

    Sidenote: The boots in this image are from Chicago based bootmaker, Oak Street. They’re handcrafted in America and I endorse them under any condition, pants in or out.


    Brooklyn Decker | Esquire

    Sure, Federer has all the Grand Slams…but Roddick wins in the female department.


    Motorman Chocolate Lager

    “It’s all about the details.”

    That phrase is relevant when applied to just about anything…beer included. Brooklyn based design studio, Freshthrills, recently collaborated with brew master Kelly Taylor of Kelso Of Brooklyn in order to develop an identity for their chocolate lager. They missed no details.

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    Dapper Decorum | The Do’s & Don’ts of Style

    No. 38: Wear a suit because you want to, not because you have to.


    Billy Reid | Southern Gentleman

    Nothing groundbreaking here, but I was speaking with a friend at a party this past weekend about Billy Reid and realized that I didn’t have anything up about him. Strange…because he’s one of the best designers in menswear right now. Last year he was named the best new menswear designer by GQ, beating out some very worthy candidates like Burkman Bros., and Frank Muytjens, who’s responsible for all of the genius happening in menswear at J.Crew right now.

    The best thing about Billy Reid though, is the fact that he keeps it real by continuing to work out of his studio in Florence, Alabama.


    American Made Booze

    Craft beer started to become popular in America in the 1980′s, and today there are an estimated 1,482 microbreweries and brewpubs in the U.S. Apparently, our spirited entrepreneurs think the market is saturated because they’ve turned their focus to a harder variety of alcohol. While some companies have always made their spirits stateside, micro-distilleries have been sprouting up from East to West. Check out some of the best (and lesser known) American made booze.



    I recently came a across a new site called Convoy, and it’s quickly rising on my list of sites I don’t go to when I have to get things done…because I won’t get them done. The site is full of inspirational images from interiors…to fashion…to design…


    Monocle Alpino

    I’m a little behind on this, but if you enjoyed Monocle Mediterraneo…check out their new seasonal newspaper, Monocle Alpino.


    Dapper Decorum | The Do’s & Don’ts of Style

    No. 37: The new bar is never the best bar.


    The Sartorialist | Intel Visual Life

    I love when companies produce branded entertainment rather than traditional advertising…it’s definitely the way to get my attention. I couldn’t tell you much about Intel, I know they put stickers on every PC laptop and have a catchy chime at the end of their commercials, but other than that…nothin’.

    This video, directed by Tyler Manson, documents Scott Schumann aka The Sartorialist as he shoots street style for his uber-popular blog. It’s very stylish, exactly the type of video I can watch again and again, and makes me a little more interested in Intel (but not too much).


    Tyler Brûlé | New York Magazine

    Tyler Brûlé, who along with his company, Monocle, frequents this site, is another person who I’d like to be like when I grow up. New York Magazine recently published a lengthy story regarding his brand, his view on the media landscape and his lifestyle.


    Spade & Sperduti | PSFK

    More of the same…but different. Andy Spade and Anthony Sperduti speaking at the PSFK conference about the J.Crew Liquor Store concept and how large brands should think. While this video is nothing new, I felt compelled to post it because it only had 343 views on YouTube while the Antoine Dodson remix has over 62 million. This is why the world is where it is…Obviously!