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  • The Best (and Worst) Uniforms in the NFL

    To the dismay of many I’m sure…the first full weekend of NFL football and New York Fashion Week overlapped (they really need to discuss scheduling for next year…since they target the same demographic and all). In a lame attempt to combine the two, I’m highlighting the most stylish (and most offensive) looking teams to hit the gridiron.

    I want to preface this post by saying that I have no allegiance to any of the teams on this list…good or bad. These rankings are based purely on aesthetics and before I get any angry responses from people with teams on the “worst” list, I’m a Lions fan…that’s far more painful than having an ugly uniform.

    The Best:

    5. Pittsburgh Steelers: The Steelers have achieved a very angry, menacing look without the use of lame animals, flames or caricatures of any kind. The logo is based, quite literally, on the “steelmark” logo used by the American Iron and Steel Institute. It only appears on one side of the helmet because, when it was introduced in 1963, the team wasn’t sure if they liked the way it looked…very style conscious.

    4. Cleveland Browns: The Browns are often listed on “worst uniform” lists, however I find them to be cool and classic…no bullshit. Any time you eliminate the use of a logo altogether, you’re on the right track. Brown and orange say fall and football.

    3. Dallas Cowboys: Simple…Clean…Classic. Show someone in Outer Mongolia a Cowboys helmet and they’ll know what it is.

    2. Chicago Bears: Never fall victim to trends. The Bears uniforms have gone unchanged (with minor alterations) since their inception into the NFL. Keeping it real since 1919.

    1. Green Bay Packers: So good that the “G” on the helmet actually stands for “Greatness”, not Green Bay.

    Honorable mention: San Francisco 49ers, New Orleans Saints, Indianapolis Colts.

    The Worst:

    5. Miami Dolphins: These uniforms almost fall under the “So bad, they’re good” category. Flashy, childish and obnoxious…perfect for Miami.

    2. Tennessee Titans: Designer: “How can I create a logo for a team named the Titans?” “How about a ‘T’ in a flaming circle!”…Fail.

    3. Carolina Panthers: If you’re wondering what year the Panthers began playing in the NFL, just take a look at their uniforms…they scream 1993.

    2: Jacksonville Jaguars: Jacksonville has a team in the NFL?

    1. Baltimore Ravens: Quite possibly the worst uniforms in all of professional sports.

    Dishonorable Mention: Cincinnati Bengals.