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    Image pulled from Leather Head, I don’t like LSU.

    Football season is almost upon us, and when I say “football season”, I mean college football season. The NFL is all well and good…but I’m from Detroit. Tailgate for me used to mean getting woken up by sorority girls at 5:00am with Jell-O shots and fight songs (good times), however I’m getting to the age where I should probably partake in a more traditional tailgate format. Grilling, tossing the football, limiting myself to less than 15 beers (but not too much less) and perhaps actually making it to the game…that kind of thing.

    Add a little style and nostalgia to your tailgate this season with a football from Leather Head Sports. Paul Cunningham, a former photo editor for Major League Baseball and Sr. Baseball Glove Craftsman for a small glove importer began hand crafting vintage inspired baseballs, called Lemon Ball, and footballs a few years back. The company has progressed nicely and he’s been supplying us with handsome tailgate toys and vintage office decor ever since. They’re also a bit smaller than the official NFL size, so I might actually be able to throw a few bombs and impress the broads.

    This is what I’ll be tossing around at tailgate this season…beer in hand, of course.