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    Inventory | Magazine & Stockroom | Vancouver

    Via Inventory.com:

    Inventory was created as an extension of the culture and lifestyle we’re a part of. We value products and clothing for more than just their appearance, admiring how they’re made, by whom, and why. It’s through this passion and attention to detail that we view the things in our lives from a different perspective. With a hunger and willingness to learn, we search for the rare, unknown and new, while always remembering tradition and the past. It is with this blend in mind that we explore various niches in menswear to create our own unique aesthetic. We focus on the brands and people, big or small, that have stories we want to tell and might otherwise go unnoticed. Inventroy ‘s unique content draws us out of our immediate surroundings and leads us into a world of exciting and interesting things.

    Inventory is a place to take stock of the items, brands and people that we connect with and find special. With a genuine appreciation for details and quality, Inventory is a curation of ideas in product, craft and culture.

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    Ruby’s | Bronte Burger

    I consider myself to be somewhat of a purest. Accordingly, I don’t put much on my burger. Usually just some ground sirloin (or chuck) and a tomato will do the trick…maybe lettuce…rarely cheese…never onion. However, the Bronte Burger at Ruby’s Cafe in New York’s Nolita neighborhood is an exception. Premium ground beef, tomato, lettuce, sweet chili, mayo and cheese. It’s Aussie inspired, unconventional, and so damn delicious.


    Dapper Decorum | The Do’s & Don’ts of Style

    No. 3: If you really want your suit to fit, have the tailor bring it in…then bring it in a little more.

    Take a look at Michael Bastian in this GQ Rules video, your suit should fit like this.


    Flying | 60s style

    I caught a little bit of Catch Me If You Can last night and it reminded me how stylish traveling used to be, most notably in the 1960s. Flying truly was the future in those days, it was a luxury, and people dressed for the occasion. The airports were stylish, the stewardesses were stylish (and they were hot women), and the passengers were stylish.

    Nowadays people fly in their goddamn pajamas because they want to be “comfortable”. Its embarrassing. The future was going to be so cool, and look what we did to it.

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    Re-Branding Playboy | Alex Cornell

    Pick up a vintage issue of Playboy from the 1960s and you’ll find that it’s a much more stylish publication than the current offering. That being the case, graphic design student, Alex Cornell, decided to re-brand Playboy as a literary magazine for the intellectually oriented gentleman…removing all nudity and bringing back the class and sophistication of Playboy’s early years.

    I can’t say I agree with the no nudity part, but the finished product is oozing with style.

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    Ace Hotel | Palm Spings

    I love boutique hotels, and the Ace is at the top of my list. This video of the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Spings was shot by Hello Super 8. I love the effect on the film from the vintage camera, it adds to the 1970s “Boogie Nights” vibe of the place.



    Your guests aren’t 19 anymore. Screwdrivers, Rum & Cokes and Redbull Vodkas (filthy) aren’t going to cut it these days. Check out Liquor.com to hone your mixology skills and liquor knowledge.

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    Dapper Discoveries | Part I

    Discoveries is a new series displaying random images that I consider to be stylish and inspirational.

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    New Life For High Life

    I’ve always enjoyed Miller High Life. Not just the taste (go ahead, question my judgement), but the idea of it. Classic, blue collar, rugged, American. A real man’s beer. There was a bar in college that served High Life tallboys for $2…It goes without saying that we would frequent that bar.

    High Life’s reputation as “The Champagne of Beers” has taken a hit over the years, but with the canned beer and Americana revolution, it’s poised to make a comeback.

    Browsing the Dieline today, I came across this new packaging program designed by Landor San Fancisco. I’m happy to report that they’ve kept it classic, exactly the way it should be.

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    Strawser & Smith

    Strawser & Smith is a new shop located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, that specializes in home furnishings, lighting and other wares that are hand crafted from repurposed relics of America’s industrial past.

    Their website, Strawserandsmith.com, isn’t up yet. Check out their Facebook page here.

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    Dapper Decorum | The Do’s & Don’ts of Style

    No. 2: Never let a woman cut your hair, the barber shop is a sacred place.


    Summer Band

    Leather and summer go together about as well as drinking and stairs. They don’t. Now that summer is officially here, change out your leather watchband for a grosgrain one, like these from J.Crew and Brooks Brothers. Pick up a few different colors and you’ll have a brand new watch each time you switch them out. Just make sure the watch face is plain, no chronographs allowed.