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    Ecko’s Office

    Open loft space (check), gourmet kitchen (check), basketball court (check).

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    Edison Bulbs

    I’m always getting pulled into Anthropologie. Although it’s a women’s clothing store, I’ve come to enjoy my forced visits more and more. The vintage home accessories and books are very nicely curated (So nice that The Sundance Channel has made a TV show about Store Buyer, Keith Johnson’s, travels to find interesting merchandise called Man Shops Globe).

    I have always loved these Edison style light bulbs, very industrial looking. Hang a few of these over your bar and you’re good to go.

    Also check out Ferrowatt.

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    The Windmill Club

    For those who want to break into the world of men’s fashion, ties seem like the way to go (Hey, it worked for Ralph Lauren). Current Harvard University senior, Kevin Burrows, recently started his collection, The Windmill Club.

    Here are some images from his slim, but not skinny, offering which I believe is two collections deep.

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    More Movie Posters

    Product placement fans rejoice. Antrepo Design Industry has created these very basic movie posters that also display the different brands integrated into the film. I would hang all of these in my movie room…If I had a movie room.

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    Movie Posters

    For the most part, I judge books by their cover, wine by the label and movies by the poster.

    Graphic Designer, Ibraheem Youssef, recently recreated some of Quentin Tarantino’s movie posters and the outcome is much more aesthetically pleasing. If all movie posters looked like these…I’d be spending a lot more time at the theatre.

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    ORK Map Posters

    ORK makes really cool posters inspired by city neighborhoods and maps. Definitely worthy of a hang.

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    Shopping in the medicine aisle at the corner drug store can only make an ailing customer sicker. Long lasting…fast acting…extra strength…ultra strength…tablets…caplets…

    Richard Fine, founder of Help Remedies aims to simplify the process by “Finding the best solution there is, and taking away everything else.” The packaging alone is enough to make you feel better.

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    Knock Knock

    Knock Knock, an Urban Outfitters and dorm room staple, actually has some pretty stylish, no-nonsense stationary and notepads.

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    Suit Up

    Gap: Solid Board Short

    Head to any popular spring break destination (Cabo, baby!) and you’ll see a crowd of swimsuits with flowers on them. The problem is…its the guys that are wearing them. Gentleman, hibiscus print bathing suits are out (and never should have been in). It’s time to grow up and get yourself something a little more refined this summer. Here is a selection of trunks that will last you well past your days of jell-o shots and cheap tequila. More after the break.

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    Chuck Taylor Slims Down

    Converse Chuck Taylor’s are probably the most classic sneaker on the market…but I have always thought that the soles were a bit thick. Apparently I’m not the only finicky person who thought so because Converse recently released a slimmer, more modern version. It’s like they took the Tretorn T56 and added the classic Chuck stripes.

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    Don Kilpatrick III

    Don Kilpatrick is a designer and instructor at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. I pulled these awesome letterpress pieces from his blog.

    The inspiration for this piece is a pretty funny story:

    “One day while living in Salt Lake City over ten years ago, my wife and I headed over to the local auto parts store to buy something for the car we had at the time. We park the car, and as we were walking into the store, I spotted a grey primer-painted 1970’s El Camino (you know, the car that looks like it should be a truck.) with the words “what you need is more fist in your diet” scrawled across the tailgate with a marker. I point and laugh without knowing that the owner of the car is sitting in it. He gets out and asks, “What are you laughing at?” I stammer and say, “ I dunno, just told my wife a joke, that’s all…” He grunts at me threateningly then heads into the store. My heart was pounding having just averted a beating. I spotted this same guy a few weeks later in downtown Salt Lake just about to throw a punch at another motorist.”- DK

    “Does anyone out there know if someone like Chuck Norris coined this phrase? Jean Claude VanDam? Schwarzenegger? Just curious because that guy didn’t seem to be a brilliant copywriter…”- DK

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    Clock Tower | Brooklyn

    Personally I prefer a more rustic, raw, industrial style loft. You know, exposed brick walls, beam ceilings, concrete floors…But there’s no denying this place is awesome. I love the clock.

    Via The New York Times

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