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    Stag Mags

    Everyone knows about vintage Esquire and Playboy collectibles, but what about Bachelor, Adam, Ace, and of course, The Dude? Check out more obscure vintage covers here. More after the break.

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    North Peak

    From Lovely Package:

    “Northern United Brewing Company, owners of the two most successful brew pubs in Michigan, North Peak and Grizzly Peak, is making its beer available in stores for the first time. North Peak in six packs of 12 oz stubby bottles. Grizzly Peak in 22 oz high gravity singles — macro micros. The brewpubs themselves have kind of an old timey log cabin vibe. So we tried to make something that wouldn’t look out of place among the classics – the beers from back in the day. Simple. Clean. Midwestern.”- designer, Luke Oeth.

    I love the Red Stripe style bottle of the top three, it feels very medicinal.

    …The ads are nice too. Created by graphic designer, Luke Oeth, and copywriter, Josh Leutz. The duo collaborates under the name Neatly Trimmed Beard.

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    Pete’s Bar, New York: 1950

    Shorpy is a great vintage photography blog featuring thousands of high-resolution (like to the point where you can literally see through windows) images from the 1850s to 1950s. The site is named after Shorpy Higginbotham, a teenage coal miner who lived 100 years ago.

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    Summer Sperrys

    Yeah I know, all Sperry Top-siders are summer shoes. There’s just something about the canvas that makes these seem even more “summery” than the leather ones.


    The Man’s Room | GQ

    Sure, sometimes it’s fun to think like Tim “The Toolman” Taylor and wish you had room with a full bar (and tender), a pool table that hydrolically lifts out of the floor, and a reclining toilet. But this is a what a man’s room should truly look like.

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    The New American Summer | Esquire

    I was working at Esquire at the time this video was made. It’s a summer style video that was actually shot in February. Hey, we did our best.

    Yes, you can still sort of tell that its cold outside but the video should get you geeked up for the summer. Barbecues, beaches and bikinis baby!

    Check out more Esquire videos here.


    New Crew (Cont.)

    …if you’re like me and you’d rather be stuck in traffic than start thinking about cold weather clothing, here are some spring/summer looks.

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    New Crew

    J. Crew recently released their fall 2010 collection and things just keeps getting better and better over there. It’s time to drop the Ed Hardy and True Religion and hit up your local J.Crew shop for a little style 101. This is how a real man should dress.

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