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    A true mixologist pays attention to every detail; The quality of Ingredients, the temperature, the type of glass and of course…the ice. Serving a liguor based drink (especially those made with whiskey) with weak ice is bar tending suicide, the liquor will eat right through the ice and you’ll end up with a watered down mess. Get yourself real ice trays, like these by Tovolo. The perfectly shaped cubes are much more solid than anything made by your freezer and they look a hell of a lot cooler too.

    Also check out the Ice Ball by Muji.


    A Dapper Hamper


    The pile of dirty clothes in the corner of your room needs a home…and that broke-ass plastic hamper isn’t cutting it anymore.

    C.R. Daniels has been manufacturing Dandux laundry carts for hotels, restaurants and the United States government since 1918. Now, the Maryland based company has teamed up with Restoration Hardware to bring these industrial, and very stylish, carts to the masses.


    Frat House


    Street signs, a favorite decorative piece of frat guys across America, might have a place in your home after all. These pieces, designed by Borris Bally, are made from street signs that have been recycled…not stolen by pledges.

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    Lean On Me


    Your sofa and coffee table does not qualify as a home office. If you actually want to get some work done at home, turn off Jersey Shore and set up a real work space. The Walloffice by Jonas & Jonas is a simple and stylish solution. And at 38″ – 44″ wide, it fits almost anywhere.


    Levi’s 511 | Just Right


    Remember Goldilocks and the Three Bears? Well, Skinny Levi’s 511′s are a lot like the theme of that story. Not too tight, not too baggy. Just right. And at $54 you won’t find a better deal.

    Oh, by the way, Goldilocks and the Three Bears is quite possibly the most twisted children’s story ever written. A little girl breaks into a house (Owned by bears!), eats their food, breaks their furniture, sleeps in their beds, and then peaces out. What the hell kind of a story is that?