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    When was the last time you actually pulled out a flashlight to find something? Chances are, your cell phone is now doubling as a communication device and a flashlight (the iphone even has a flashlight app). Using your cell phone as a flashlight, however, is like using a cell phone as your primary time piece, it’s lame. The Torch Flashlight, designed by Jonas Damon, is stylish enough to leave out on the counter and powerful enough to find that whatever it is you’re looking for.


    Bladon Conner

    One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Chicago based furniture designer, Bladon Conner, blends reclaimed material and old furniture with new ideas and urban edge. The outcome is cool, masculine and one of a kind.

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    Back in college, mixing a good cocktail meant little more than stirring in some juice with your choice of booze (usually some fruity vodka to please the ladies). These days, it’s going to take a little more effort to impress your guests.

    This bar set, from Crate & Barrel, includes an ice bucket, tongs, strainer, spoon, jigger and a bottle opener. All of the essentials, minus a shaker…but don’t you already have like three of those?


    Brown Bag It


    OK, so it’s not actually a brown bag, but the Sigg Alu Box is a far more stylish way to bring last nights leftovers to the office.


    Peter Tunney

    After making millions on Wall Street investing in biotech, Perter Tunney did what most would do…became an artist? Well it worked out because his pieces are cool, masculine and expensive as hell.

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    Drink to 2010

    2009 is over, have a drink. Just remember to use a coaster.