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    Leighton Meester | GQ

    Gossip Girl is not a good show. The story lines are weak, the acting is questionable and it’s completely unrealistic (the loft that the “Poor” kids live in is probably worth 5-10 million bones.) There are three good reasons why you should tune in though.

    #1: Leighton Meester

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    The Notebook

    Sure you can use your Blackberry or iphone to jot down some notes, but it’s much more stylish to put pen to paper. Having said that, Mead notebooks are for fifth graders. Get something a little more grown up, like the Postalco A5.


    The Dutch Master | Core 77

    Bikes, quite possibly the most underrated mode of transportation, have been enjoying some time in the the limelight recently. Several companies like Jack Spade, James Perse, Urban Outfitters and Freeman’s Sporting Club have begun selling them. Core 77, is following suit. The industrial design magazine has teamed up with Brooklyn, New York based bike mechanic KT Higgins to develop the Dutch Master. Inspired by the Worksman Newsboy frame used throughout the New York delivery community.

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    Can It!

    In the past, because canning equipment was so expensive, mega-breweries were the only ones capable of canning beer. But thanks to new microcanning technology, smaller craft breweries, like Oscar Blues, now have the ability to can their brews.

    For many, canned beer invokes thoughts of cheap, tasteless beer. However, as it turns out, the can might serve as the best medium in which to serve up a cold one. The three biggest adversaries for beer are light, oxygen and heat. The can eliminates two out of three, the bottle is susceptible to all of them (It ain’t rocket science). The can is also more environmentally friendly, cheaper, and much easier shot-gun at tailgates. Think of it like a mini-keg (Heineken was on to something with those keg shaped cans). Some complain about a “Metallic” taste when drinking canned beer, however, all cans today are lined with a water-based polymer (The beer never touches the can). So unless you plan on cracking open that can of Schlitz that’s been rotting in your Dad’s basement for 40 years, shut up and drink up.


    Style & Substance | Environment Furniture

    Really good looking and eco-friendly at the same time. Environment is like the furniture equivalent of Natalie Portman. You know, because she’s really hot and vegan and stuff.

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    Grown & Sewn

    Grown & Sewn, a true American dry goods collection, is the brainchild of designer Rob Magness. Magness, who cut his teeth at Ralph Lauren, has recently released his first signature product, called “Kax”, a cross between Khakis and Jeans. A great addition to your rugged rotation.

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